The end is nigh!

by Daye04  14 June, 2009 at 4:03 pm (Blog)

Now don’t you worry – it won’t have any massive effect on you. It’s not the end of something that big. It’s merely the end of my contract. Wich for me is huge! I’m finally going home, and I’m loving it.

Now this is all happening on tuesday. I will fly from Savannah to New York, and from New York to Oslo – and then I’m finally home.

I do have a bunch of stuff I’m supposed to do when I get home as well, though. So I fear these two months might be a bit hectic.
Let me … Cut down short for you. First I’m supposed to be visiting my sister and hand her the Laptop I’ve bought for her. I’m also planning on trying out the new card-game I’ve recently gotten. Buying a 360 is also one of the things I’ve got planned, although this is depending on another thing. The dentist. I’m supposed to go to the dentist. And if I don’t have enough money after paying the dentist, I guess I’ll have to buy this console after my year of school. Now I know – this may not sound too grand. But you have to remember that I’m supposed to be home for two months. And I do have relations I’m supposed to maintain. And .. Well, two months isn’t exactly everything.

And I would like to finish this post by giving you people my sincerest appoliges. I have not been posting a lot lately, and for that I am sorry. I’ve just been updating my norwegian blog more frequently. And even that one has been on hault for a while. Busy life on board, my friend. Busy life

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A random day

by Daye04  24 March, 2009 at 11:40 pm (Blog) Tags: , , ,

I’ve finally managed to creat a blog (This one. A translation of my other blog) Wich actually works =D

Aaaaallright. Here we go. Have you had a nice day? That’s good =D

I thought I’d start of with telling you something about our onboard electrical department. First we’ll take the basics. It contains a completely educated electrician – Goran. An educated internet-company-electrician, who’s here to recieve maritime training to become a maritime electrician – Niksa. And then you have the two of us. The two marine electrician apprentices. Me and Bear-boy

Here’s what I was planning on telling you. The electrical department is starting to remind me a bit about Days of Our Lives. You see. We’ve got Goran, who’s complaining about Bear-boy and Niksa not following his orders, and that Niksa’s not very eager to learn. Niksa is whining about Goran being to harsh on him. And Bear-boy is running around unaware, and sheepy as allways.

Let’s jump to this day. This has been an eventful day, dear readers. I’ll do it in a rush. Now, first Niksa got the assignment of documenting every spare-motor we had. After that Bear-boy continued his work. And so I enclosed it. Shortly after I was told to paint a door (I know. I was just as suprised myself). And so when I were standing there painting, second engineer came up. When he saw the paint I had spilled on the floor, he started going out of his skin. Seriously. He was standing there like “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. It was totally ridicioulus to listen to. I mean. Who’s starting to cry about some paint being spilled on the floor? It’s not like the paint has dryed. And besides, it’s metal-floor. No problem to clean. But I digress. Back to the topic at hand. After that he said that this was completely bullshit, and that I had to be more careful and etc. I don’t know how many of you have worked on a vessel before, but here the ranking means a whole lot. I can’t talk back to him. So I was standing there, taking it while thinking “Fucking moron”. Of course, this was annoying me. I kept it inside until I later that day drew diffrent smileys around the workshop, and thought about Max Payne 3. This did well.

But okay. Now to something in between. Me and Goran found a fault in the system. The motor-system, that is. Goran then went straight to Niksa and told him that he was to figure it out. Niksa were tying to ask Goran something while Goran were walking out of the door. Goran didn’t answer. This resulted in a very angry Niksa. Throwing stuff on the ground and all. Afterwards he went out to fiks this system. I, even though I were told by Goran not to help them, told them what motor Goran were talking about. You see. Our small “trainee”-department is helping eachother. Though this is kinda interesting, since I’m also teaming up Goran too. The thing is that I agree with Nikse according to several points. But Goran is definetely right when he says that Niksa doesn’t pay enough attention. Because he doesn’t. He’s not interested enough. And for all it’s worth, I can understand why. He’s leaving wife and kids behind to work here. And the reason why? Just because they doesn’t have enough money back home. That gotta be a bad situation.

And that’s the blog of the day. What are you saying? You’re not interested in my life? Well too bad for you, then! You’re the one reading my blog. Does it look like I care if you’re interested or not?
*Rushes to upload a picture of my face without nose or mouth*

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by Daye04  24 March, 2009 at 10:29 am (Blog) Tags: , ,

Good evning =D Or .. That depends on where you are. If you’re in western Europe .. Then good evning. America – good afternoon. And in Australia. well. Good night? But wait. Don’t go just yet. I’ve got more to say

First of I’ll tell you abit about myself, and what I do Wait a minute. There’s something more important I have to share first.

It’s a fantastic day to be me =D Why? Becuase I was just told that Max Payne 3 is going to be released this winter. And we had pizza for dinner today =D

Yes, I get excited over simple things, but so should you! ‘(.\/.)’

Allright. Then I’m next. I work as a marine electrician. Okei, fine. I’m a marine electrician apprentice. Anyway. That means I’m working on a vessel. In this case, Khannur. Though this is probably the last time. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’re looking like a question mark! Allright.

I did I choose this profession? well. It all began a while back. When I were in school. High school, actually. I had a friend (Now, I’m still friends with him). Our class went to a lecture about “marine education”. And it was “Not for everyone” and all. This is where my friend makes his entrance. The convincer he is, He managed to make me apply with him. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve realised that I owe him the world for making me apply. This is a great job.

“Why?” you ask? Stop asking such ridicioulus questions!

Okey. Here’s my list of why this job is so great (by the way. I’m working on a mathematic formula that will give me the answer to wheater this is worth it or not. Problem is. The answer can turn out negative).

Number one. I escape everything. I get away from all kinds of demands, and all naging from the whole worlds population. That is – I don’t get away from the work responsibilities, But that responsibility is barely noteworthy. Especially considering all the non-work related demands I’m being given at home.

Number two. A totally brilliant way to save money on. I mean. I’m working for four months, And is home for two. I’m being payed every month. That means tecnically, I can save all the money I recieve onboard. Of course, that’s not happening. Because I’m a shopaholic.

Number three. Exploration, dude! I’m pretty much traveling all over the world. And we can go ashore almost every time we’re at port =D Does it get any better than that? I have to travel by airplane to and from the vessel. Wich means that I enter other countries. And sometimes I have to spend the night in these.

Number four. Uuuuhm .. I thought I go mo.. Oh yeah! Gaming! Do you realize how much time I’ve got to play games with this career? It’s incredible. I can play every second where I’m not working nor sleeping (Of course, I don’t. I gotta eat =D Allright, I’m more social than that. But you know what I mean). And when I’m home. I’m not wroking one second. I can litteraly play all day long. Again, of course I do not. But tecnically! Tecnically I can.

Number five. I get good money. But that’s not as important. As long as I’m able to survive, I’m fine =D

Allright. As mentioned above, I work at Khannur. But this is probably last time. After this contract, i will go on another vessel. A newer one. All in all, that’s kinda too bad. Considering I’m an apprentice, that’s what is best for me. As a trainee, it kind states the obvious. I’m supposed to train.Wich means I have to go on diffrent vessels, to learn about the diffrent systems. Why is it too bad that I have to change? Would you cut down on the questioning?!

Because Khannur has a great crew. They are all great men. I’m happy that I’ve been given the oppertunity to work with them. My boss too – the electrician – a totally awsome dude. Wich I can talk about virtualy everything with. And I don’t mind that. We also mess around all the time. Wich is fun. You know. That’s how all apprentice/superior relationships are, right?

I enjoy every aspect of the life onboard Khannur. It’s great food, remarkable atmosphere, and not a boring moment. I shall keep you noted on what’s hapening. those times I care for posting, that is.

Oh yeah! One more reason for me to be in such a great mood, is that I’ve got a cold coka cola in my fridge =D

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