The end is nigh!

by Daye04  14 June, 2009 at 4:03 pm (Blog)

Now don’t you worry – it won’t have any massive effect on you. It’s not the end of something that big. It’s merely the end of my contract. Wich for me is huge! I’m finally going home, and I’m loving it.

Now this is all happening on tuesday. I will fly from Savannah to New York, and from New York to Oslo – and then I’m finally home.

I do have a bunch of stuff I’m supposed to do when I get home as well, though. So I fear these two months might be a bit hectic.
Let me … Cut down short for you. First I’m supposed to be visiting my sister and hand her the Laptop I’ve bought for her. I’m also planning on trying out the new card-game I’ve recently gotten. Buying a 360 is also one of the things I’ve got planned, although this is depending on another thing. The dentist. I’m supposed to go to the dentist. And if I don’t have enough money after paying the dentist, I guess I’ll have to buy this console after my year of school. Now I know – this may not sound too grand. But you have to remember that I’m supposed to be home for two months. And I do have relations I’m supposed to maintain. And .. Well, two months isn’t exactly everything.

And I would like to finish this post by giving you people my sincerest appoliges. I have not been posting a lot lately, and for that I am sorry. I’ve just been updating my norwegian blog more frequently. And even that one has been on hault for a while. Busy life on board, my friend. Busy life

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